Welcome to the Wiki

  Welcome to the unofficial Land Sliders wiki, within this website you can find a variety of information, hints, tips, tricks and spoilers from the new hit game "Land Sliders". This Wiki is still in its early stages and YOUR contribution is greatly appreciated to get the wiki up and running and develop a fantastic new community. Remember its your new journey!

About Land Sliders

"Land Sliders" is a 3D iPhone collectathon game from the new company Prettygreat. Land Sliders is a game created in 2015 with the intention of starting your very own journey in the endless world of Land Sliders and unlocking the secrets that the amazing world has to offer!

Start-Up: What Needs to be Done

Here can be found the major things that need to be done to first establish the wiki and get it up and running:

  • Create main pages: (Characters, Enemies, Objects etc)
  • Appoint Administrators to start building the forums.
  • Decide upon a proper layout for pages to be developed for proper structure and consistency.
  • Create a set theme for the site.

Latest activity

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